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EU Funding for SMEs:

The European Union presents a huge range of opportunities for SMEs. But there are many factors which may discourage you from exploring these possibilities. Whether you feel your firm lacks specialist knowledge, or you’re worried about language or cultural barriers, or simply think you don`t have the resources, there is help available to smooth your path to these opportunities.

London Business Guide(LBG) will on receipt of a request for EU funding review the business proposal. The appointed Deal Manager will carry out the assessment and advise on what to do next and whether the proposal would be acceptable. If the review is favorable then the next step is for the entrepreneur to decide whether to use LBG.

LBG approach is to examine your business from an investor perspective looking at:

- What needs to be done to make your business attractive to an investor?
- How much money needs to be raised including the timing and stages
- Which investors to approach and how to make the approach

Presentation Service

The Deal Manager assists the entrepreneur present their business to our investors and also assists in the following areas:

  • Positions the business as an attractive investment proposal
  • Assists in the development of a funding plan; amount, timing, type of funding, e.g. equity, loan, grant and who to approach
  • Develops the pitch to the potential investors for use at one of the scheduled presentation evenings
  • Prepares an Investment Bulletin for marketing to potential investors
  • Proactively markets the proposal to LBG member of investors
  • Circulation of the business proposal to selected investors